„Základní umělecké školy tvoří kořeny naší kulturnosti, naší lásky k umění. Ve světovém měřítku jsou zcela unikátním vzdělávacím systémem, který je třeba hýčkat, rozvíjet a podporovat,“

Magdalena Kožená

Magdalena Kožená Endowment Fund

Magdalena Kožená Endowment Fund aims to raise awareness of and support for the education provided by Czech arts schools, and to bring their uniqueness to public attention. 

Fund creates an inspiring nationwide event Art Schools Open (ZUŠ Open) which presents the work of Art Schools in an engaging and tasteful manner, and brings attention to the concept of artistic education as a relevant theme throughout society, and an important investment in the contemporary younger generation and in the future harmonious development of society. The third year of the happening will have for the first time two days date - 31. 5. - 1. 6. 2019.



Magdalena Kožená is both the founder and the patron of the fund. Fund’s co-patron and member of the Board is David Mareček, the Managing Director of the Czech Philharmonic.

We are grateful for any donations that fulfil fund´s mission. For more information please contact Chairman of the Board Mr. David Dittrich (david@concentus-moraviae.cz) and Mrs. Dana Syrova, Member of the Board (dana@aficionado.cz).

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